Maximum Rehab provides therapy services to maximally restore function so our patients can return to their everyday activities.  Our therapy staff only works one-on-one so that you can get the necessary time and attention. We use techniques that have been proven to be effective by scientific research.

We serve patients and physicians from Bloomington, IL, Normal, IL as well as outside McLean County.  Many of our patients are from the Chicago area and are studying in Central Illinois.

Our Therapists Are Certified In:
Maximum Rehab Facility Provides:
  • Orthopedic Therapy
  • Sports Therapy
  • Work Injury Therapy
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation and Work Conditioning
  • Hand Therapy
  • Spine Therapy
Maximum Rehab Facility Provides:
Physical Therapy is a conservative treatment method that is important in the remedy of impairments and disabilities. It helps to promote mobility, functional ability, and healing through an initial evaluation and diagnosis. Working alongside respected physicians, our physical therapists will put together a plan that will help a patient recover from their injury quickly and sufficiently. At Maximum Rehab, patients from Bloomington, IL, Normal, IL and many surrounding areas will receive one on one care and attention from highly trained and skilled therapists. Our Physical Therapists understand that each patient is different and develop a program that is unique to each individual’s needs to promote maximum healing.
Services Offered

The Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment

The Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment (BTE) machine is a computerized work simulator machine that provides hundreds of “real world” job functions in a clinical setting in order to measure a patient’s loss of function and progress toward rehabilitation. By simulating different activities, patients are able to perform work in different settings and then therapists can determine the accuracy of a patient’s strength and range of motion in performing specific tasks, and can formulate a therapy program in order to improve on those tasks.
Body Mechanics/Ergonomic Education
Our therapists have experience correcting poor body mechanics and ergonomics. By correcting posture and body mechanics, many minor aches and pains can be eliminated.
Compressive Cold Therapy
Using our advanced pneumatic compression device, our therapists are able to apply cold compression therapy to alleviate multiple symptoms. By using a cold compress on the injured area, our Game Ready machine can help reduce swelling, increase circulation, and minimize pain. Cold compression therapy is ideal for post operative patients and those with strains and sprains.
Custom Orthotics
Our therapists are certified in manufacturing sole support orthotics. These biomechanical medical appliances align the ankle and foot anatomically to reduce the stress and strain on your feet and entire body. Some conditions that can be helped by custom orthotics including stress fractures of the lower extremities, IT band syndrome, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, and structural foot problems.
Functional Electrical Stimulation
Functional electrical stimulation applies small electric pulses to stimulate certain muscles. It is used for swelling reduction, pain control, and muscle re-education.
Graston Technique
Graston is designed for treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions, tendinopathies and myofascial pain syndromes. Graston uses instruments that improve musculoskeletal function by providing a deep tissue mobilization to decrease soreness, minimize swelling, promote healing and decrease scar tissue formation. All of our providers are certified in the Graston Technique for soft tissue mobilization.
This therapy treatment uses a direct, low volt electrical current in ionic form, to drive an anti-inflammatory or pain relieving medicine through the skin. It treats conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and scar tissues.
Joint Mobilization
This method is used for tight joints with loss of motion. The therapist applies a force to a certain joint with a gliding movement which would occur when functioning normally. By doing so, patients see increased ROM and gain joint function.
Kinesio Taping
Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic technique that supports muscles and joints and helps correct muscle function, relieve pain, and improve circulation without restricting range of motion. We use specialized latex-free elastic tape that is the same thickness of the skin, is skin friendly, and lasts through sweating or showering. This technique became popular with athletes during the 2008 and 2012 summer Olympics and has been endorsed by Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps as well as a large number of professional baseball, football, basketball, and volleyball players.
Mechanical Traction

Our traction table is very useful in treating both cervical and lumbar regions of the spine. The table is designed to reduce pain and radicular symptoms in the arms, legs, and back caused by disc or spinal related problems. In patients who suffer from Stenosis, Herniated discs, or Radicular pain sciatica, the traction table will, with slow controlled movement, mobilize these affected areas by applying a gentle traction force, enhancing the exchange of fluids within the disc and restoring the circulation in the affected area.

Myofascial Release

This method is a soft tissue warming massage of the connective tissue (fascia). It reduces pain and improves function in tight tissue. It releases the stress from the muscle which causes it to lock or tighten, allowing it to move more freely and effectively.

Neuromuscular Education
Uses biofeedback to optimize muscle function by reinforcing nerve tracts and motor (muscle) movement patterns that are learned and then stored in your memory.
Pilates Exercise
The Balanced Body Clinical Reformer uses resistance strengthening springs to target upper and lower extremities and core areas to allow our patients to better strengthen an injured area. The exercise provides from simple isolated movements of the limbs to a challenging full body workout. This device is equipped with a wooden frame, movable carriage, foot-bar, springs and adjustable ropes allowing for 36 versatile positions.
Progressive Resistance Exercise
This is a method which increases the ability for muscles to generate force by using weights and causing them to contract. It involves strength training for individual muscle groups and applies them into functional patterns.
Proprioceptive Training
Otherwise known as kinesthetic awareness, this therapy allows you to improve balance and reduces risk of re-injury by using balance training aids such as the Body Blade, BOSU, and BAPS Board.
Sports Specific Training
We ask patients to inform us of their sport and we will help you return to your full potential through specific training. One unique advantage our therapy has is the investment in a sports package for our BTE machine which allows athletes to simulate throwing a baseball or softball, football, swinging a baseball bat or tennis racket, as well as other sports related tasks. By using the BTE machine for these tasks, our therapists can measure a patient’s strength to measure progress and increase resistance to build muscle in areas needed to perform these specific functions.
Provides stability to improve function and to reduce pain. It can be used for any joint mechanical issues, muscle tightness, or soft tissue disorders.
Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS)
TENS is a method which uses low-voltage electrical currents which stimulate certain nerve fibers to send signals to the brain to promote natural pain relief, which then reduces swelling and pain.
This is a method that promotes healing using high-frequency ultrasonic waves to stimulate the tissue beneath the skin increasing blood flow which brings nutrients to the area to improve healing. It also increases the permeability of the cell membranes using sound waves. It is used for inflammation (bursitis, tendonitis), muscle tightness, and localized swelling.
Work Conditioning
Our therapists are certified in work conditioning which is a unique work-oriented therapy program that is aimed at restoring patient’s strength, movement, and flexibility. Work conditioning provides a transition between acute care and returning to work while addressing safety and physical tolerance as well as worker behaviors. Conditioning tasks are aimed at advancing biomechanical, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular functions. The program is designed to increase physical ability and productivity.