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Welcome to Orthopedic & Shoulder Center

Welcome to the Orthopedic & Shoulder Center, the practice of Lawrence Li, MD. Dr. Li has been practicing orthopedics in McLean County since 1996, and Champaign County since 2007. Dr. Li is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who treats the entire range of orthopedic problems, and specializes in arthroscopic shoulder surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery and hand surgery. Dr. Li and his staff are proud to offer the best surgical as well as nonsurgical treatment options for their patients. Dr. Li and his therapy staff are able to successfully treat most of their patients without surgery, but when surgery is required, the most minimally invasive option is chosen. Our goal is to be the most efficient, convenient, and best provider for all your orthopedic needs. If you have an orthopedic problem, we encourage you to contact our office, before a primary care physician, convenient care, or emergency room. If you have an emergency after hours, please call 309-888-9800 and the answering service will contact Dr. Li.